Reclining Figure – 1964 – Madera, California


Head 1 of 2 – Welded metal about 16 inches high – 1962

3/4 view of Head 1. This was more 3-dimensional than the head not shown, which was gifted to a teacher who wanted it. The thing that struck me while working on them was that they turned out to resemble African mask type impressions.

Pictures from Phone camera 2075

Early clay head –  1962

Pictures from Phone camera 2072

Clay and glaze study – 1963

Pictures from Phone camera 2083

Clay figure study – 1963



Metal Woman 1 – 1963 – These shots are on Pole Line Road at north property line of the Adobe Ranch’s Big Tree Field. I have no memory of where I actually welded it. Might have been right there on the road with Dad’s mobile welding generator. That thing is another story.

Art - Metal Woman 1963-1964
Metal Woman – Today – Need some repair work on her. Maybe some new baling wire hairdo.

Pictures from Phone camera 2059

Woman – 1970

Pictures from Phone camera 2088

Man – For art demonstration – Fired but not glazed – 1972

Pictures from Phone camera 2065

Small head – For art class demonstration – May 1993

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