Debby’s Flowers – 33 x 72 inches – Acrylic on Wide duck canvas – 1973

This first piece for this new page for retro works has a story behind it, and was used to illustrate a poem about a painter’s commission. It was found years later. It was donated to the American Cancer Society Discovery Store, in Fresno California on February 13, 2017. I hope it sells well there for the worthy cause of fighting cancer.

Now, for the reminder of any other works placed here, later, at some point everything is retro, I think it is a laugh of some sort, because of the nature or history of the phrase “RETROACTIVE SHOW.”

Girl on Rock – Acrylic on canvas – 36 x 36 inches – Fall 1965 – Painted at 615 Riverside Drive, Madera, California

Below is “First Oil Painting.” It was a paint by number from a kit given from mom. There may be thousands of this scene done, a sort of English landscape. The hoot is, one can see that I never “stayed with the lines.”

First Oil Painting – Oil on printed canvas board – 8 x 10 inches – 1958