Was painted as a gift 44 years ago – which later, I had reacquired. It recently had a little “traction” on Facebook, and many thought it was “newly” painted.

Untitled – Oil based enamel on canvas – 50 x 71 inches – March 1971

Around December 1970, I painted this one, which I will admit up front, it was meant to be decorative, as Bobbi had blue chairs in the dining area, and a straight line blue couch. After the canvas was stretched, it was painted on the garage floor. It was meant to combine both Mark Rothko type areas, with Jackson Pollock drip lines. All of that was the coated over before it was completely dry, with paint thinner.

This shot was from the wall in Ashbrook East Apartment.

Debby’s Flowers – 33 x 72 inches – Acrylic on Wide duck canvas – 1973

This first piece for this new page for retro works has a story behind it, and was used to illustrate a poem about a painter’s commission. It was found years later. It was donated to the American Cancer Society Discovery Store, in Fresno California on February 13, 2017. I hope it sells well there for the worthy cause of fighting cancer.

Now, for the reminder of any other works placed here, later, at some point everything is retro, I think it is a laugh of some sort, because of the nature or history of the phrase “RETROACTIVE SHOW.”

Girl on Rock – Acrylic on canvas – 36 x 36 inches – Fall 1965 – Painted at 615 Riverside Drive, Madera, California

Below is “First Oil Painting.” It was a paint by number from a kit given from mom. There may be thousands of this scene done, a sort of English landscape. The hoot is, one can see that I never “stayed inside the lines.”

First Oil Painting – Oil on printed canvas board – 8 x 10 inches – 1958