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Art - Juliet - Final as of November 2 - 2019

Juliet – 58 x 72 inches – Oils and Oil based enamels – October 2019
Painted for the Sorensen’s Gallery “Nudes in November” show for November 2019.
It was entered and displayed at the Thursday November 7, 2019 Fresno “Art Hop” open house and all of November, 2019. Yes, it is for sale.

This shot above was from a phone camera and not on a tripod for exact angles. So that one can see the edges of the canvas, I didn’t want to crop off part of the painting, like the top of her head.

General Nathan Bedford Forrest – Oil – 18 x 24 inches – January 2017.

This third painting of General Forrest above was done for a gift by and for a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, to be placed at the N. B. Forrest childhood home. It was delivered to the SCV National CIC in person in Bakersfield, California in March 2019.

The second painting below, was commissioned by the same California SCV member, and delivered in June 2017. Though he wanted an exact duplicate, he understood that it would be a little different.

General Nathan Bedford Forrest – Oil – 18 x 24 inches – June 2