Art - Study for commission 2014

Creating this page on July 29, 2016 is to provide a different place to discuss ART ISSUES and related interests. Along with this paragraph, what is the first posting here going to be? How about Art Styles – and examples like Representational and Abstract, and of new and old Artists I like or what YOU like. Art history is a possibility and the discussion of different periods.
Another area could be the differing media and preferences for. Related to that is digital art, which brings up that huge newer area of past twenty years. What programs or apps are used by digital artists and designers?
Speaking of designers, that brings up another question. Perhaps it is a question of half a century back. What is more important, “commercial art,” or lack of proper term “non-commercial” art?
Too, what is the latest going on?
In major art circles? Locally?

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