Bertie Mae’s Place – Pismo Beach

These are special as a history of a small lot at 124 Oceanview Street in Pismo Beach. I have painted it several times – beginning in 1995 and up to this year in June 2017. The story is that she refused to sell her lot during the development of the Sea Venture Hotel. Through the years people told stuff on the sidewalk while I painted. At one time I was told that she and her family farmed in the area, perhaps in the Nipomo vicinity south of Arroyo Grande. 

The place on 124 Oceanview has changed through the years. Missing now are the many trinkets and yard art things of the past. This Google shot was done in October 2017. It seems to have been painted a blue color and yellow trim to meet some new city code. There was no Jeep there when I painted the latest watercolor – below the photo – in July 2017.

Art - Subject - 124 Oceanview, Pismo Beacg - Bertie Mae's place - 2017

It’s a different angle also, as I set up near where the garbage bins are on the sidewalk.

Art - Oceano stay - Berite May's Place - Pismo - July 2017
Latest and largest – June 20, 2017 – 21 x 28.5 inches – Watercolor

July 8, 2009 16.5 x 22.75 inches – Watercolor

July 23, 2006 13.75 x 20.5 inches – Watercolor

July 12, 2005 17 x 22 inches – Watercolor

July 22, 1995 – The first Bertie Mae’s Place painting at 124 Oceanview Street, Pismo, California – 17.5 x 22.5 inches – Watercolor