Rothko Meets Pollock

This oil based enamels on 48 x 38 stretched canvas was finished last month and entered into The Big Fresno Fair.  It is still on display there until next week.

Art - by Desmond - Rothko Meets Pollock - Sept 12 - 2018 2nd take


Evan Surfing at Pismo

Evan at Pismo – Oil on canvas – 28 x 28 inches

This was from June 2017 at Pismo Beach, California. He is 12 years old in this depiction. I will have to decide later if this is a portrait or a seascape.

The Attack

Art - The Attack - May 1 - 2015 cropped
The Attack – 48 x 48 inch – Oil based on canvas

This for the 2015 “Black and White” show at Chris Sorenson Studio and Gallery, at south Van Ness and Railroad, Fresno, CA.

It is a battle line of the 3rd confederate Infantry Regiment in Cleborne’s Division in late 1864. It will be there all of May and is for sale. That’s the rules.

Art by Desmond


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Art - Kearney Mansion Jan 2010 cropped
This is a painting of the Kearney Mansion, in Kearney Park, Fresno, California. It was painted as a fundraiser and raffled to raise funds for a stone monument in memory of California’s Confederate Veterans of which there are over 2,000 ancestors buried throughout the state.

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